Whether your pulling up your drive from a hard days work and that tree or shrub keeps bugging you, or are worried about a structurally defective limb overhanging your children's play area, or you have some priceless trees that need maintenance for optimal health and visual pleasure, we do it all.

Property Management

Whether small or large, one or many properties, we work with a variety of property managers companies. We understand how important it is to have reliable contractors, that understand budgets and potential liabilites. That is what makes preventative maintenance key to adverting risks posed by unhealthy trees. In addition, a beautiful tree landscape will keep on drawing  in those tenants.


We are professionals in our field and even though it is in our genes to be everything for our customers...we serve them best by delivering our expertise. By embracing partnerships with companies who value their customers as much as we do, we all expand our reach and value for our customers.


It is a proven, scientifically-researched fact that trees increase retail business. Besides providing a more professional and inviting appearance, customers will linger longer. Mature trees are a priceless part of your landscape, and young trees an investment. Regular maintenance will provide long-term return and savings.




We understand the limited resources our cities face today. Because of our focus and small business structure, subcontracting our services can not only prove to be more efficient, but also provide cost-savings. 

Non-Profit Organizations

We service many non-profit organizations. From group homes to churches to school districts, we understand the investment in your properties and are happy to help you maintain a beautiful, safe and healthy tree landscape.

West St. Paul, MN

Real Estate Agents

Too often trees are an overlooked aspect of home improvement. While trees increase property values, an unhealthy tree or unattractive tree can do just the opposite. It's amazing what trimming a couple limbs can do for first impressions.

We respect trees. We respect our customers. 

Xtreme Tree Team, Inc. is a fully insured and licensed, established S-Corporation located in West St. Paul, MN.